What is an application fee?A

$50 per application. $30 for a cosigner.

Are application fees refundable?A

Some properties have an incentive in place to reimburse the fees for applicants if the the lease is signed. Co-signer application fees are not refundable.

How long does it take to process the applications?A

1-3 business days.

How much is the security deposit?A

Security deposit amount differs from one property to another.

Do you accept Section 8?A

Section 8 voucher is a source of income. It is accepted.

What are your rental qualifications?A

No felonies or evictions. Credit score and income thresholds vary from property to property. Most properties under our management require 600 FICO score and monthly combined income twice the monthly rent amount.

Do you run background and credit checks?A

Each rental property comes with a set of rental qualifications an individual has to pass before they can sign the lease.

What if I don't meet the credit score requirement?A

We can work with a financial guarantor, also known as a co-signer.

Do you have breed restrictions for pet-friendly units?A

Unless property owners specifically prohibit a specific breed on their property, our company policy doesn’t impose any breed restrictions.

What is your pet policy?A

Pet policies vary by properties. You can expect pet deposits and/or monthly pet rents based on the adult weight of the pet.

How do I pay my rent?A

E-checks and mailed checks. If mailed, they need to be postmarked by the 2nd of the month.

Is there a grace period for late rent?A

Rent is due on or before midnight of the first of the month. The grace period is by midnight of the second of the month.

What is a proper channel for maintenance requests?A