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Property Management Services in Fargo – Moorhead areas

New Age Rentals, LLC  is licensed and insured full service property management company in Fargo, Moorhead and its surrounding areas. It covers an array of services such as detailed marketing, drafting a property management agreement, acquiring references, arranging repair and maintenance, drawing up a tenancy agreement and taking care of management checkups every year, etc. New Age Rentals is committed to delivering high-quality work, regardless of how big or small your project may be.

Specializing in property management, we offer the following services

Property Marketing

We help you find ideal tenants faster, thanks to our detailed and thorough marketing approach that uses a variety of tools to connect with a large audience of renters.

Property Inspections

Say goodbye to stress because we are here to perform regular inspections to ensure that your property stays in an updated and healthy state for a long time.


When things are amiss, it is critical to take quick action before things go out of hand. We at New Age Rentals respond quickly to maintenance requests and work closely with vendors to get the job done right first time around!

Legal Assistance

Understanding specific laws concerning your area can be quite overwhelming, especially if you lack legal knowledge. Don’t let that be an excuse; let our team of experts guide you through and through and keep you updated regarding the latest ordinances.

Tenant Screening

Nobody wants to deal with bad tenant. To ensure that you are headed in the right direction, we carefully screen every tenant application received and pick only the reliable candidates.

Rent Collection

Rent checks should be timely, but they are usually not. However, we have comprehensive methodologies in place to ensure everything is streamlines for example, that is we invoice tenants, process payments, and levy late payment fines.

Financial Reporting

We enable you to assess your rental’s monetary performance via comprehensive reports that clearly outline you income and expenses.

Why work with us?

Quick responsiveness 



Use of powerful and

latest technology



 in all of our procedures

Extensive experience

in property management

We look forward to hearing from you very soon!

There are no hidden charges or any last – minute surprise-expenses